On Kawara Time Machine

Installation view at Galería Moisés Pérez de Albéniz. ARCO 2014. Artwork on the right: Ángel Bados.

On Kawara Timemachine
Website Html, javascript and CSS. 2011.


Is a Internet work in progress project. A javascript counter automates the On Kawara time based works from the beginning of "Date paintings" in January 4, 1966, to the actual date checked in the operating system clock.

The CSS code takes the look of the paintings, using white futura bold typography on black background.

The Project will be completed at the date of the death of On Kawara, including a new variable in the code, the counter will count from the origin of "Date paintings" to the date of his dead.

Code: David Matos.

Brush Stock Paintings 
BG Paintings 
Green Monochrome 
Broken Gradient Window 
Modified Picasso 
Provisional Landscape 
New Ruins. Google Earth Tour 
Colorama Paradise 
Text to Speech 
Broken Gradients 
Desktop Screenshot Paintings 
Lysergic Orchid 
30 Frames per second 
Tracking la deriva 

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